Questions? Call us. (937) 435-5296

Questions? Call us. (937) 435-5296

We utilize the most current technology in our industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide our clients with high-quality products on time and on budget.

We realize that most people could care less about what model of press or digital printer we use, so long as they receive what they ordered. Still, we can't help being proud of our toys. Once you see how great they make you look, we hope you'll be proud of them, too.

Press Room

  • Komori 4-Color Sprint 25
    Komori 4-Color Sprint 25

    With its automation of many traditionally manual setup and operating functions the Kamori 4-Color Sprint provides fast makeready and production time. Capable of 12,000 sheets-per-hour speed, and sheet sizes up to 20 x 26, this press ensures that your job can be done correctly, efficiently and quickly.

  • A.B. Dick 9995
    A.B. Dick 9995

    The AB Dick 9995 is a true two-color offset press designed specifically for top quality reproduction. Capable of sheet sizes up to 12 x 17.5, the 9995 performs as reliably on large solids, screens and halftones as it does on duotones or more difficult spot color work. More impressive is the way it allows excellent tight register on two-, three- and four-color work -- the type that makes short work of even the toughest jobs.

  • Ryobi 3302M
    Ryobi 3302M

    When a project requires the precise registration and consistent quality that 2-color printing demands there are few presses more fit for the job than the Ryobi 3302M. At the forefront of its long list of features is the V-shaped 5-cylinder system for 2-color printing which enables extremely tight registration and consistently high quality over long runs of duotones or 2-color overlaid solid printing. The 3302M is capable of handling up to A3 size paper, in weights from onionskin to 110 lbs., at speeds up to 10,000 sheets per hour to ensure that any job can be completed in short time. The Ryobi 3302M is THE choice when it comes to convenient and dependable 2-color press work.

  • Solna 2-Color 264
    Solna 2-Color 264

    The Solna 264 is a two color landscape printing press. Maximum sheet size is 19" x 26". The Solna is ideal for large documents, long runs, multi-page documents and for printing heavy solids. The Solna prints at 10,000 sheets per hour and handles 40# offset up to 120# cover.

Prepress and Digital Printing

  • PlateRite 4300
    PlateRite 4300

    Dainippon Screen’s 4300 PlateRite thermal Computer-to-Plate (CtP) solutions are unbeatable for their quality, accuracy, and reliability. They consistently output plates with a dot sharpness and registration accuracy that enable superior process control. The PlateRite 4300 is environmentally friendly in that it uses no chemicals to produce the plates.

  • Versant 80 Press
    Versant 80 Press

    The Xerox Versant 80 Press is an Ultra HD Resolution digital press: Printing up to 1200 x 1200 x 10 bit RIP rendering and 2400 x 2400 dpi imaging resolution. It is capable of printing up to 350gsm (130#) Cover Stock on sheet sizes up to 13" x 19".

  • Macintosh & PC Compatible

    We run the latest software for desktop publishing and design for both Macintosh Computers and PC/Windows computers, including the Adobe Creative Collection.

  • Stylus Pro Large Format Printer

    The Epson Stylus Pro large format printer offers printing onto several stock with high-resolution pigment ink printing, that can be laminated or mounted to multiple substrates.

  • GBC 25-inch Lamintor

    For larger lamination jobs, the GBC Laminator is an ideal solution. It can seal documents up to 25" in width in 1.5, 3 or 5 mil laminate. The varying speed settings allow for all kinds of paper, including newspaper, magazine stock, index cards, file folders and poster board.


  • Baum 20" x 26" Right Angle Folder
    Baum 20" x 26" Right Angle Folder

    The Baum 20x26-inch right angle folder combines all the rugged reliability you would expect from a piece of equipment with the ease of operation of a twist knob. It can easily handle coated stocks as well as high-speed copier and laser-printed stocks--up to 20" x 26". Its easy setup and variable feed speeds ensure an accurate execution of any job.

  • Challenge 30-in Cutter
    Challenge 30-in Cutter

    The imagination is not limited to standard sizes and shapes. For that reason, the Challenge 30", power-operated cutter is an invaluable tool. With infinite possible adjustments, sturdy guides and a guide light that allows for pinpoint alignment, the Challenge can accurately handle business cards, binder spines and covers, bleed trimming. The 30" ensures that it has the clearance to handle anything demanded of it.

  • Horizon MC-16 Collator-Booklet Maker
    Horizon MC-16 Collator-Booklet Maker

    This machine collates flat sheets, then folds, stitches and face trims to produce finished books. Typical finished sizes are from 8.5 x 5.5 to 8.5 x 11.

  • Challenge 3-Hole Paper Drill
    Challenge 3-Hole Paper Drill

    The Challenge three-hole drill makes it easy to prepare presentations, manuals or reports for use in three-ring binders. This machine makes it possible to drill clean, consistent holes varying from 1/8" to over 1/2" in diameter in virtually any position on a page. The Challenge drill can also handle a variety of stock sizes and thicknesses, including as many as 250 sheets at a time.

  • Challenge Paddywagon
    Challenge Paddywagon

    Note pads are easy to create with the EH-3A Paddywagon. By accurately squaring all pages and holding them firmly in place, this machine makes professional padding a snap.

  • Assorted Finishing Options

    Creative Impressions also offers several different finishing options such as shrink wrapping, bulk packaging, shipping and mailing services, and plastic coil punching and binding on books.